The RG65 class started in Argentina and has spread to other South American countries and from there to Spain and there is growing interest in France and Germany. It basically is a class for boats whose LOA is 65 cm, with a rig height of up to 110 cm and a maximum sail area of 2,250 cm2. It produces a manageable sized boat, with good performance and that uses standard 2 channel radio gear with no need for special sail control servos; a sort of bespoke Latino MicroMagic. RCSails builds composite hulls and decks for several proven RG65 designs.
Our hulls come painted with white in mould primer.
Result Pages:
Siri65 - Hull & Deck

Siri65 - RG65 Racing Yacht Hull & Deck

- hull length 644 mm
- beam 145 mm
- epoxy-fiber glass…

Vanquish 65 - Hull & Deck

Vanquish65 - RG65 Racing Yacht Hull & Deck Combo

- hull length 644 mm
- beam 148 mm
- epoxy-fiber…

RG65 Carbon Keel & Rudder

Universal carbon reinforced keel & rudder set can be used for our Vanquish 65, Noux 65, Siri 65 and all…

RG65 Fin & Mast Case

Fin case for our RG65 Keel with incorporated mast slot allowing mast to be positioned in a 30mm range and…