We have compiled several plans of well known boats here as a courtesy for our customers. All plans remain the property of their designers.

To keep our customer database clean we send our plans out to known customers only (customers who have proven their ID by purchasing products already).
You can prove your ID by purchasing any of our products or our THB 100 Proof of ID voucher.

Most of the plans are basic lines plans, you need to have experience in building boats from scratch.
Most boats are available as fiber glass hull kits from us, this greatly reduces building time especially on multihulls.

Plans Download Instructions

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- Click "View the orders I have made" under "My Orders". You will see your order history.

- Click the "VIEW" button next to your order. You will see the "Order Information" page.

- Find the download link at the bottom of this page and click to download.

Result Pages:
Nightmare MKVIII - Mini40 Class Trimaran Plans

Selfbuilding plans for the Nightmare MKVIII Mini40 trimaran - Hulls only.…

FireDragon1000 - MultiONE Class Trimaran Plans

FireDragon1000 - MultiONE Class Trimaran - Self Building Plans - Hulls only…

Ninja1000 - MultiONE Catamaran Plans

Plans to build a Ninja 1000 MultiONE Catamaran platform for self builders.
The set includes the hull templates to build your…

Laerke65 - RG65 Yacht Plan

Planset to build the Laerke65, a RG65 Sailing Yacht adapted from the IOM Yacht designed by Søren Andresen.…

RT65 - 65M Class Trimaran Plans

Plans to build the RT65 Ragnarok 65M class Trimaran from scratch. We also have a fiber glass kit available which…

Vanquish - IOM Yacht Plan

Planset to build the Vanquish, a well known IOM Sailing Yacht designed by Daniel Sherman.…

Noux II - IOM Yacht Plan

Planset to build the Noux II, a popular IOM Sailing Yacht designed by Anders Wallin.…

Laerke - IOM Yacht Plan

Planset to build the Laerke, a IOM Sailing Yacht designed by Søren Andresen.…