Radio controlled sailing multihulls are exciting boats. They are fast and impressive to look on the water.
The MultiONE class is a quite new class. MultiONE boats are less bulky and more easy to transport than the larger Mini40 boats. MultiONE boats performance can match the larger Mini40
RCSails builds a range of MultiONE class kits.
Our kits come with a set of layout plans, if you run into trouble with RC installation we can help you with some detail photos too.
Kits can be shipped by affordable postal services even to countries where post imposes 1m lenght restrictions.

Our hulls come painted with white in mould primer.
Result Pages:
FireDragon-1000 - MultiONE Trimaran

FireDragon-1000 - MultiOne Trimaran Kit

- hull lenght 980mm without front fender
- beam 1000mm
- epoxy-fiber glass hulls

Ninja1000 - AC45 Style MultiONE Catamaran platform kit

Ninja1000 - AC45 Style MultiOne Catamaran
Slim hulled light AC45 style Catamaran with identical beams and appendages as the Ninja with…

Ninja1000 - MultiONE Catamaran - Appendages Set

Ninja1000 -MultiONE Catamaran - Appendages set consisting of Keel Fin and T-Foil Rudder.

Please contact us for a manual shipping quotation…

Ninja1000 - MultiONE Catamaran - Pre cut plywood parts

Set of pre cut plywood parts for the Ninja1000 MultiONE catamaran. Useful when building a Ninja1000 from our plans or…

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