ST65 Sowelu - 65M Class Trimaran Kit

- hull lenght 635mm
- beam 650mm
- epoxy-fiber glass floats
- weight without primer about 80g each, including primer about 125g each
- epoxy-fiber glass main hull
- weight without primer about 90g, including primer about 130g
- epoxy-fiber glass keel & rudder
- carbon-fiber tube beams

Our ST65 Sowelu Race Trimaran is a slim boat designed by Roland Gienger. The Sowelu sails fast but still handles easy. Like all 65Ms it is easy to transport due to its small 65 by 65 cm size.
The ST65 is a complete platform kit with plans and instructions. Rig and R/C are not included. You can find a suitable rig at our Rigging section.

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