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Ninja - AC45 Style F48 / Mini40 Catamaran
Slim hulled light AC45 style Catamaran with a length of 1200mm and a beam of 1000mm. The Ninja hulls are 85mm wide. The boat can be build with either our swing rig or a conventional rig.

The Ninja hulls can be chopped into two pieces to allow cheap postal service shipments to areas with 1m length restrictions. If you live in an area and want the kit shipped this way please contact us for instructions how to order.

Platform kit includes:

- Light hull halves hand laminated (two layers of fiber glass), tubes to accept the beams laminated into place already
- Appendages including T-Foil rudder
- CNC cut beam connector, mast & keel and rudder fittings
- carbon tubes for the beams

A swing rig kit for the Ninja is available here.

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