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FireDragon-1000 - MultiOne Trimaran Kit

- hull lenght 980mm without front fender
- beam 1000mm
- epoxy-fiber glass hulls
- center board & rudder
- slim molded beams

Due to length it can be shipped at reasonable price to all locations where the big brother needs to be shipped by expensive courier.
The FireDragon-1000 was designed by Roland, one of our friends. It is a slim hulled boat, with a 115mm center hull and slim floats. The boat is comparable to the larger FireDragon and can be sailed in the Mini40 class as well.
Our FireDragon 1000 is a very stable, yet agile boat. This boat is suitable for beginners as well as advanced multihull sailors.
The FireDragon-1000 can be upgraded with optional V-foils and T-foil rudder.

Our kit consists of the fiberglass hulls and decks, molded beams, keel and rudder.

RCSails FireDragon 1000 Maiden Voyage

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