Naga - 2m Trimaran Parts Set

- hull lenght 1980mm without front fender
- beam 1980mm
- epoxy-fiber glass hulls
- center board & rudder
- slim molded beams

The Naga - 2m was designed by Roland. It is awesome to look on the water like all the 2m Class boats.
The Naga can be upgraded with optional V-foils and T-foil rudder.

Our parts set consists of the fiberglass hulls and decks, molded beams, keel , rudder, plans and drawings for the plywood parts.

Mouldings can be chopped in halves (it is easy to rejoin the parts) to save on shipping costs. Cut hulls, decks and crossbeams can be shipped by postal service to most countries for about USD 400 per set while uncut hulls could be shipped by Thai Logispost at about USD 1000 or to be shipped by Courier Services which would cost around USD 2500 per set.

Naga in Action (First foiling trials)

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